Mississippi Advocacy

NASW Mississippi Legislative Agenda 2020

Adopted August 24, 2019 NASW MS Board of Directors

  1. Maintain our Social Work licensure with current language in the law.
  2. Oppose changes in composition of the MS Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists.
  3. Support continuation of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion to meet the healthcare needs of the people in Mississippi.
  4. Support adequate funding for all services that affect the well being of at risk population and increase funding where cuts were made to appropriate levels, ensuring proper, effective service delivery.
  5. NASW, MS acknowledges the current flag creates division among large number of Mississippians, we support a new state flag that reflects the MS of today.
  6. Change the wording of the state law to absolutely require full funding of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), using language that the MS Supreme Court could use for ruling. 
  7. Support student loan forgiveness programs for social workers entering public service.  

* NASW MS Advocacy Day at the MS State Capitol was held February 27, 2020

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NASW-MS Supports an Inclusive Flag for Everyone

NASW-MS strongly supports changing the state flag of Mississippi to move forward in the best interest of all Mississippians. The outcry for a change in the state flag has permeated in the state for almost two decades. Thus, the issue of a new state flag can no longer continue to be ignored, dismissed, or deflected.

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