November 2019

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Report Child Abuse/Neglect in Mississippi

To report a case, please use the MDCPS Report Child Abuse online system or by downloading the MDCPS Report Child Abuse mobile app through one of the following links:


Proposed Bylaws Changes

The NASW Board of Directors approved for posting for a ninety-day member comment period, the following proposals to amend the NASW Bylaws:

  1. Article VI.B. Board of Directors – Composition and Article VIII. Nominations, Elections and Removal from Office;
  2. Article IX.B. Committees and Task Forces;
  3. Article XI.C. Meetings of Members of the Corporation – Notice of Meetings.

To review these proposed amendments and submit your comments, please use the link below. Comments will be accepted until January 9, 2020.

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Social Work Professor Named to Lead Human Trafficking Council Subcommittee

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 16:18pm | By: David Tisdale

Dr. Tamara Hurst, a USM School of Social Work faculty member, has been chosen to chair a subcommittee of the new Mississippi Human Trafficking Council.  Dr. Hurst will head the Council’s Strategic Planning and Trafficking Protocol Subcommittee to aid its overall mission of preventing trafficking, protecting victims, and prosecuting criminals engaged in the practice by using a victim-centered, collaborative and multi-disciplinary model.

“This is the first statewide trafficking council, and it will help law enforcement more effectively prosecute criminals and protect the rights of victims,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division. “It’s another strong step in Department of Justice’s commitment to fighting violent crime and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.”

Dr. Hurst’s areas of expertise include child maltreatment and advocacy, and teaches courses on these topics, as well as on forensic social work and crisis intervention. She is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed certified social worker. In 2015, Dr. Hurst was appointed to Gov. Phil Bryant’s task force on human trafficking. 

“I am honored to once again serve our state’s officials in their continued efforts to strengthen a response to human trafficking,” Dr. Hurst said. “This newly established Human Trafficking Council will continue the excellent work started four years ago by members of the Governor’s human trafficking task force. I am proud to work with such an energetic and focused team, and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish.”


USM Social Work Graduate Student 

Earns NASW Scholarship

A University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park graduate student has been recognized by the NASW Foundation.  Visit the Schools of Social Work page to read the full article.


Social Workers in K-12 School Settings!

NASW's School Social Work Specialty Practice Section launched a "Back to School with Social Workers" campaign in conjunction with the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA).

The campaign, which will run through October, will raise awareness about the value of school social workers. It will also be used to encourage social workers and their supporters to contact policymakers and administrators and ask them to hire more school social workers.

The campaign includes advice from social work experts to parents of children of all ages; a social media toolkit and Facebook frame; draft letters, and merchandise.

We invite you to take part in the campaign and share the resources with your constituents demands President Trump Immediately Stop Racist Tweets 

NASW demands President Trump immediately stop racist tweets and instead unite nation to address racism, violence and poverty

Jul 29, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is angered by President Trump’s recent racist tweets aimed at Baltimore and several women of color in Congress. We demand Trump stop making such comments immediately.

Instead, Trump should behave in a way fitting of the dignity and gravity of the highest office in the land and unite our nation to end the racism, poverty and violence that plague not only parts of our country’s great cities but areas in rural and suburban America.  

Trump’s most recent tweets are just the latest in his long string of racist attacks. For instance, he has called Haiti and African nations “shithole” countries. He has characterized Atlanta – a city with a majority black population – as “crime infested.” And he has said immigrants who come from Latin America will “infest” our nation.  

Such comments may energize a small part of Trump’s base. But the President’s tweets are deplorable and are causing long-lasting damage to the psyche of our nation.  

NASW and the nation’s social workers have long been committed to ending racism in this nation and the societal ills that result from racism – including housing discrimination, poverty and health care and mental health care disparities.

So we demand Trump stop tweeting for a while and do the real, presidential work of addressing these societal problems. Action speaks louder than tweets.


Former NASW, MS Chapter President Elected to the NASW National Board

Virginia Adolph, DSW, LCSW and former NASW, MS Chapter President has been elected to the NASW National Board as the NCNLI Region X Representative.  This is a country wide position and we are proud to have Dr. Adolph represent Mississippi as well as all of Region X.  Congratulations Dr. Adolph.

NASW Releases Statement on ICE Raids

NASW has released a statement on the Trump Administration raids of migrant families. The statement, which was sent to more than 500 reporters around the nation, contains advice on what social workers can do to help:


NASW previously released a short video that outlines what the NASW Texas Chapter is doing and advice from Executive Director Miriam Nisenbaum on how social workers can aid children who are migrants and have been detained:


Lastly, here is an NASW Social Work Blog post that contains resources for social workers to get involved:


Sad News for NASW MS Chapter

Okolona - Karen Selestak passed away at Baptist Medical Center, Monday, June 24, 2019. A proud Aries, Karen was born on April 6, 1954, in Okolona, MS, to Mary Katherine "Kassie" Reid and Stephen "Smokey" Selestak. She attended Okolona High School.While "Krun" lived life to the fullest, her true passion was her social work. She held a BS degree from MS State University and a MS in Social Work from University of Southern MS, where she began her career with the Dept of Human Services. She was employed at the MS State Hospital from 1980-1998 in the roles of Continued Treatment Social Worker, Clinical Program Director, and Director of Jacquith Nursing Home. Karen was a Licensed Certified Social Worker.

She was active in National Association of Social Work - MS Chapter - from 1992 to 2019 serving in many capacities including President. From 2006-2019 she served in the roles of Continuing Education Coordinator and Annual Conference Coordinator. She received the 1998 Social Worker of the Year and was honored with the 1st Annual Karen Selestak Excellence in Chapter Service award in 2019. 

For Karen's full obituary click here.

National President, Dr. Kathryn Wehrmann Visits Mississippi

Meridian Branch Rep, Anderea Germany with Dr. Wehrmann

MSU-Meridian Social Work Students

Social Justice Brief

Tools for Social Workers to Prevent Gun Violence

NSAW is partnering with the Brady Campaign-Center on gun-violence related issues. NASW has released a social justice brief on gun safety, which is co-branded with the Brady Campaign-Center. Rebecca Gonzales from the NASW California Chapter contributed.

An Hour with Private Practice 2019 Schedule

An Hour with Private Practice is a free, question and answer call-in session for NASW members who have specific questions or concerns about an issue in private practice. The program is held every third Wednesday of the month from noon to 1 pm ET. No pre-registration is required and members can join in the discussion, ask questions, and make comments. These sessions provide members with important clinical social work updates impacting the delivery of mental health services in a private solo or group practice. Please visit this link for more information and the 2019 schedule of programs.

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myPlan: Dating Violence Prevention App

myPlan is an online tool designed to help students who may be experiencing dating violence evaluate their safety, make decisions, and connect to campus and community services. It’s also for friends who want to support someone they are concerned may be in an abusive relationship.

Backed by research from multiple NIH funded trials, myPlan can support student safety, is private, personalized for each situation, and completely free. It can be accessed online or through the smartphone app. Learn more at

Reimbursement for social workers through Medicare reduced?

NASW has been notified by some members that they are receiving letters regarding  reimbursement reductions recently implemented by Humana, Tricare East.  If you have a copy of the email/letter that Humana sent announcing the reduction, please forward a copy to the NASW, MS Chapter office at

Medicaid Work Requirements

On the current tax reform plan:

On Implementing Medicaid work requirements:

From the AHCA debate but still relevant on Medicaid work requirements:


January – December 2019 Schedule

An Hour With Private Practice: Questions & Answers (HOPP) is a free question and answer session for NASW members.  Click here to access.  Unless noted otherwise on the schedule, the monthly call-in sessions focus on a specific private practice subject and are led by Mirean Coleman, LICSW, Clinical Manager at NASW. 

No pre-registration is required and members can join in the discussion, ask questions, and make comments. These sessions provide members with important clinical social work updates impacting the delivery of mental health services in a private solo or group practice.

HOPP is held every third Wednesday of the month from noon to 1:00 pm ET. No session is held in December due to the holidays. Beginning February 2019, an audio recording is available online a week after the HOPP session.